Worlds Beyond the Poles contains the first and only description of the realistic Universe of land, water, oxygen, and vegetation, where human and other forms of animal life abound.

Worlds Beyond the Poles is not a work of fiction nor is it a technical analysis of anything. It is a simple recital of fact which transcends the most elaborate fiction ever conceived. It projects man’s first understanding of the factual and endless universe which contains human life throughout its vast length and width – regardless of all abstract theory to the contrary.” – F. Amadeo Giannini

It is the view of the author that the earth is “flat” (a plane) and stationary as the Bible also depicts it to be. – Includes original images first published in the 1950’s by F. Amadeo Giannini.

Worlds Beyond the Poles is our best selling flat earth publication yet! The descriptions, ideas and illustrations given by F. Amadeo Giannini in this intriguing book are fascinating to say the least. This book is unlike any flat earth book you’ve ever read. Order your copy today and discover what so many flat earthers are raving about.

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