Early Flat Earth Writings is a compilation of flat earth publications written by various authors, such as “Parallax” (SAmuel Rowbotham), “Zetetes”, “Vox”, “Iconoclast”, Ebenezer Breach, E. Clifton, William Westfield, John Quinlan, John T. Lawson, Frederick H. Cook, John G. Abizaid, John Hampden and many others.

Some of the many topics include: Astronomy and the Bible, Bible Cosmography, The Midnight Sun, The Popularity of Error, the Unpopularity of the Truth, Collapse of the Globular Theory, Does the Earth Rotate? No!, The Terrestrial Plane, One Hundred Proofs from the Scriptures, The Southern Midnight Sun, Is the Newtonian Theory True?, Selections from “The Earth” Publication.

Take a glimpse into the intelligent truth seeking minds of early Christian flat earthers as you delve into this treasury of selected flat earth writings from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s.

Contains 485 pages. Each page has been thoughtfully restored, organized and combined into this one intriguing volume.

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